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Club Statement – 30/12/2020

I am sure that by now you will be aware that today our NCEL season was suspended and will be reviewed again on the 13 January 2021. We, along with many other clubs are frustrated by a further suspension but we understand the leagues decision. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t and we just have to appreciate how difficult it is for everyone connected with Grassroots football at this present time.

At a high level we want to make sure everyone is aware that our club will survive this, however we wouldn’t have done so if it had not been for everyone’s support, our sponsors and the fantastic efforts of our fans. We appreciate the efforts of everyone and will never forget how as a club and community you have rallied round.

When the league resumes we will only do so safely with fans and in line with the latest guidance, at this time we need you to keep supporting the club in numbers to help us to cover our bills. I have said many times that Football is about players and supporters and we will not return without you and nor should we, you are the lifeblood of the club and without your support we are not the same club.

We absolutely want to finish our season, our destiny is then in the hands of the players and managers, and not decided by points per game or other system that satisfies the football authorities. But as much as we want to just get on with it, we also understand how horrible this virus is and the impact it is having on everyone. We are split on playing the game we love and just saying lets end it now and come back in August when hopefully the vaccine will be making the world we live in an easier and better place.

Organising football across multiple teams and all the additional work that has been placed on clubs this season with the pandemic comes with has been hard work, hard work for players but also for volunteers and committee members – but when we can play football then it becomes worthwhile.

We would love to play but only when it is safe for all clubs, officials and spectators and only when we can have fans.

For now we must all stay positive, stay focused but most importantly stay safe and look after each other thank you to all of our teams and everyone involved at the club for your continued support.

Let’s see how the next few weeks progress, we will keep talking and informing you of what is happening and hopefully we will be back together soon enjoying our football.

Finally Happy New Year to everyone and let’s look forward to an easier and healthier 2021.

Best Wishes

Mark Booth (WBAFC Chairman)

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