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Behind the Team

Interview with Craig Horner

We always focus on the players that make our teams, but behind the scenes are a group of hardworking individuals that make the club tick.

Today we caught up with the 1st Team Physio Craig Horner about his first season with the club.

Q. Thanks for joining us for a chat Craig, you joined the club last summer during pre-season, what made you get involved?

CH. I was recommended to Luke (Forgione) and the team after I had completed my level 4 Sports Therapy Course. I love to challenge myself and progress in as many areas in my profession as possible, and football was an opportunity I couldn’t pass.

Q. What have you enjoyed about working with Luke and the 1st team?

CH. Luke strives for the best in his craft and has always projected that on his team, creating some fantastic results throughout the season. I’ve enjoying working with the players on and off the pitch and being able to see the graft behind the scenes from both the staff and the 1st team players.

Q. What are your personal highlights and what have you enjoyed most about the role?

CH. I love being able to offer treatments to aid players to a faster recovery from injuries and advise on different strength exercises that prevent further injury and promote better performance. The highlight is seeing players overcoming injuries and giving them more confidence to do their best on the pitch.

Q. Who has been the most demanding player!

CH. Each player has their own demands whether pre-existing or new. Most of the time before the match would be spent using pre-event therapy techniques to reduce risk of injuries on the pitch.

Q. Well side stepped ! Have you enjoyed the season enough to be back next season, and what have you gained from the experience?

CH. This season has been amazing to be involved with and part of. I’ve acquired new knowledge and skills within my role and built some great friendships within the team and I can’t wait to return for the next season, which is already just round the corner!

On behalf of the club, 1st and players we want to thank Craig for his time and efforts supporting the team.

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