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Fudge’s thought’s on incoming’s

After a week in the position Luke has his say on the new faces that have joined us

We don’t just recruit players based on there ability but on how they are as individuals and there characteristics we want leaders in the team said Fudge

on Josh Bucknall

Josh has played at a number of clubs in the Ncel and has captained them he has a wealth of experience in this league and he was one of my main targets i’m excited in working with him and I believe he is excited in joining Worsbrough and working with myself and my coaching team he is a left footer and brings good balance which not many teams have that I believe that is key for a good side

We have a few young players who have quite a bit of non league experience despite there young years i’ve spoke with my team and were gonna stick with what we have for the moment give them a platform to play and i believe we got the rewards of that (against Skegness) but the lads need to back it up in our next fixtures

on Alex Hutchinson

he’s a young creative player another left sided player who did really well in the league above a couple of season’s ago he went of the scene a little bit but he’s been on my radar

whilst the players performances have been pleasing to Luke he’s also keen on praising the coaching staff he has brought in

Alot of people don’t know my staff but I’ve brought in Gaz hunter who has played at this level for years and know’s about the non league circuit and has experience and i was really happy he agreed to come on board we have Ryan Hallsworth he’s suspended currently but was at Glasshoughton last year who had a slow start to the season last year they have both been calm heads which has helped me we have also brought in James Ritchie who is a level two coach he’s worked with me at Houghton and with my coaching business and is an up and coming coach just like Jordan he’s a level two coach at 21 for someone so young he has a good knowledge of the game all of those together help me create a strong management team we all bounce of each other and hopefully help the lads perform

We want to be able to give young player’s and young coaches opportunities

It been something I have wanted to do for a while and i know other people would of wanted this opportunity but I’ve worked really hard for this position for the last 6 or 7 years .I went over to Australia at the end of my playing days I’ve worked at Sheffield United academy and now working at Barnsley College I’ve done my uefa B licence and I’m currently doing a masters degree I’ve been an assistant at Handsworth and have worked with Chris Hilton at Stocksbridge. I think all of this led me to this opportunity and i’m Grateful and proud to be Worsbrough Manager as I’ve said before its a club close to my heart Some of the lads we have had a taste of non league in the past like Lewis O’Connor, Maxim Hague they might not have been consistent enough previously but i believe in them and the challenge for them is to do well and be consistent and prove to other people that they are good enough

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