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Gaffer talks about the latest incomings

So I messaged Moz on Friday just preparing myself if anyone would be incoming and was told not this weekend then just like busses going up high street two appeared at once.

on Joe the gaffer said

Joe is a big centre half that I have been after for a few years he left worsborough just as i took over and Iv wanted him since and to get him to come back and believe in what we are trying to do is very good for myself and the club he will make us defensively stronger

On Jake the gaffer said:

Jake is a lad Iv admired from a far for a few years seen him play and is a real player and to get this sort of lad and quality to your football club is only going to make us bigger and better next year and I’m sure the fans will be excited when they see him on the pitch, he will be brilliant on the pitch and in the dressing room as well so can’t wait to get started with both joe and jack

Will there be anymore additions before the start of preseason

I’m really happy with our business in pre season there is a few I’m excited to see when we return and we will take it from there as far as anymore signings

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