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Player Interview – Alex Hutchinson

In the latest of our player interviews, our roving reporter Gav Frost has battled through the snow and ice to catch up with Alex Hutchinson.

GF – So Alex, you have been at the club now for just over a year, how do you think the team has changed since you joined?

AH – When I first came down to Worsborough we were a team that everyone overlooked because we we were a very young dressing room. We started off as the underdogs with nothing to lose and ended up on a good run. I think that has changed a bit now, teams are talking about us and wanting to come and cause an upset against us.

GF – We have quite an impressive selection of forward players at the club with yourself, Jepps, Holt, Francis, Dodsworth and Kershaw how difficult is it trying to hold down a place in the starting 11?

AH – Yeah it can be difficult as there is good competition between the lads but I try to concentrate on doing what the manager asks by working hard and showing a good attitude and want to earn a place in the starting 11. I just have to concentrate on my own performance and hope it is good enough to keep me in the team for the next game.

GF – A lot of supporters who have been down to the games always mention your work rate, how does that make you feel that people are aware of what you do for the team?

AH – It is always good to hear people complimenting me on how I am performing for the team. I am glad that it is visible from the field and I will continue to work hard for the team. You have always got to give 100% and every player does that at the club to be honest.

GF – How do you feel the second half of the season will go for you and the team?

AH – We had a great start to the season and got of to a flying start, but recently we’ve dropped a few points against teams where we feel should have picking taking 3 points. However, I feel that if we stick to the game plan and continue to work for each other we can do just as good, if not better in the second half of the season. From a personal viewpoint I hope I can get a few more goals for the team.

Thanks to Alex for taking the time to speak with us, good luck for the second half of the season.

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