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Reaction after the FA vase defeat

I spoke to Lee Morris after the 4-0 defeat away at Parkgate for his reaction

The first 40 mins you were the better side with Worsbrough making more chances how do you think your team was doing up until that point?

it’s a very strange one and people will look at the score line and think we have been battered and that couldn’t be further from the truth the only difference between both teams was the finishing and Parkgate scored 4 out the 5 chances they had

unfortunately we conceded right before the break without doing too much wrong did that effect the players at half time?

always difficult when you’ve been on top and missed chance after chance then with there first shot they score

In the second half the lads made some errors but kept on trying even to the end of the match do you feel that it wasn’t a game that the scoreline suggests?

4-0 flatters them we’ve had 9/10 really good chances and not scored them parkgate have scored 4 out of 5 there is the difference, it could have easily been 7-5 game but it wasn’t and like anyone knows the game is lost and won in both 18 yard boxers and we wasn’t good enough in either

The league season starts Tuesday against one of the favourites for this division how do you prepare for a side like them or are you more concerned how Worsbrough play?

Campion are a top quality team that are full of confidence after there win we have to keep believing in what we Do and I’m sure we will get out of this mini slump

Worsbrough play Campion on Tuesday 22nd September 7.45 kick off and in a new feature for this season you can buy your tickets online!

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