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Catch up with Moz

So for my 2nd piece for Worsbrough. I spoke with Lee Morris about his thoughts about last season. This will be in two parts with the final part being up next Thursday.

So can you give me your reflection on the last season?

Lee Morris: last season was a massive learning curve for myself it was a very frustrating both on and off field what with flooding to then covid at the start of the season we had planned 8 pre season games but only actually managed to play 4 when the season came around we were behind and unfortunately you could tell it to, although pre season didn’t help but there were several times when we took teams to slaughter but its safe to say consistency was missing although I can promise fans that whenever the new campaign starts it wont be the same as the previous.

How have you found retaining the squad from last season?

Lee Morris: I’ve been very fortunate that 95% of my squad have been with me for 2-3 years now and admittedly I’m probably not the easiest of managers to deal with, I set high standards and demand 100% both on and off the pitch – unfortunately work commitments may change for some of the players but thats part and parcel of lower league football

Can you tell me about the incoming players -who have joined so far? Also about Paul who has recently joined your backroom staff.

Lee Morris on Ross Pritchard: I’ve been a long time admirer of Ross and I’m very happy to bring him into the club.
Lee Morris on Paul Pettinger: I was a player and an opponent of Petts when I was playing he was one of the best keepers in the league at that time with his experience of his career. I really hope he can help Ross and the back four as thats one of our weaknesses, last season we were conceding alot I believe he is an unbelievable coup for Worsbrough and I’m really looking forward to working with him.

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of the interview and look forward to the second part next week

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