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FA Council Ratify Decision to Expunge 2019/20

The FA Council yesterday ratified the decision to expunge the 2019/20 season at steps 3 to 7. After the initial announcement no-one can be surprised that the decision was ratified.

Like most clubs the financial impacts will be felt by our club.

We also feel for the managers, coaches, players, supporters, sponsors and volunteers who gave time, effort and money to the club and will feel disappointed, frustrated, angry at the decision. We have to move on.

For some clubs they will feel the need to look at taking other steps and each club are entitled to deal with this however they feel is right. For Worsbrough Bridge AFC our efforts will be focused on the future and that means working even harder to pull through this current situation and come out at the other side in a strong position where we can and will provide football for our community.

Many local people have already lost their lives to Covid-19 and many other have been infected, it is time to think about our futures and the health of our community as well as the health of our 97 year old football club.

The work has already started for next season.

Through hard work we will come through this crisis and show how much Grassroots football means to the people that support it. It will not be easy for clubs with limited funds, but speaking to people in and around this level the determination to survive and push on is there.

Don’t underestimate the strength of clubs at our level, we will be back in season 2020/21.

Remember if you can help please get in touch or donate on our JustGiving Page

In the meantime, stay safe and stay strong.

Mark Booth, Worsbrough Bridge AFC Chairman

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